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necessary to tell this important story. >> your nipple reconstruction is about perfect. >> it's the best. >> that's how you want it to be. >> absolutely. >> unforch. ♪ly, all of the other women are walking around with nipples that don't look like that. >> for many women with breast cancer, breast reconstruction is a big part of the healing process, but the big challenge is making it look natural. >> it looks good. >> vinny meyers specializes in tattoos nippling onto women who have had breast cancer surgery, using precisely mixed pigments, he creates a 3-d illusion of the real thing. >> the standard has been draw a circle and color it in. when they asked me to do it, it's a no-brainer, you're going to make the nipple look like a nipple. whatever you can do to make it as realistic as possible. >> vinny started tattooing when he was a u.s. army medic in south korea back in the 1980s. >> my friend richie would get
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these guys to come get tattooed and we would split the money. it was a fair source of income at that time. >> he liked it so much, he decided to make a career out of it. he opened up a shop in maryland tattooing the usual dragons and cross bones. never did he dream that one day he would use his love of tattoos to solve a problem that has eluded the world's best surgeons for years. >> when i had the opportunity to do a portrait of a nipple on a lady, i did, and it changed things in the industry a little bit, i think. >> for susan mcmillon, he's also erased some of the taboo around tattoos. >> my parents always said you will never have a tattoo. do not come home with a tattoo. i then told my children over my dead body will you have a tattoo. and of course i have to laugh because i have the tattoos now. and i love it. >> anderson cooper 360 starts now. erin, thanks very much.
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a lot happening tonight. the worst tornado some have seen in years. a pope resigns, which hasn't happened in six cinchries. the whan said he hao killed osama bin laden reveals how his family lives in fear and what the government's protection. >> and murder in chicago have the city in shock. the killing of a 15-year-old girl, gunned down just days after performing at president obama's inauguration. her funeral was yesterday. let's go to ted rowlands with the latest in chicago. what do we know? >> the death of hadiya pendalson has struck a nerve not only in chicago but across the country. tonight, they have two men in custody. one is an 18-year-old man, the other, a 20-year-old man. both are members of a chicago gang. according to a police source, there was no witness who came forward to break this case. police officers worked on tips and were able to go out and find
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win witnesses. they do not have the murder weapon, according to the source. the charges that the two young men face, one charge of murder. two charges each of attempted murder, and some weapons violations. we're waiting for a press conference at the bottom of the hour with more details, but two arrests in the death of hadiya pendleton. >> do we know what kind of evidence police allegedly have against these two in. >> they don't have the murder weapon, which, of course, is a problem at trial, potentially, but they do apparently have witnesses. those witnesses, they had to go out and get. earlier today, one of the issues with filing charges in the case, according to superintendent gary mccarthy, was to kwinlsz the witnesses to come forward and go through with this, go to trial, get on the witness stand. it's a huge problem with the chicago violence issue. nobody wants to come forward because they fear for their life. chicago police say they have been able to get these witnesses to agree to go to trial and tell them what they know. and that is why they have been able to file charges tonight. >> you know, we have reported a lot on this whole sort of stop
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snitching movement and we have seen this around the country, but what a huge problem it is for police forces, and certainly in chicago we have reported on that a lot. when you say they went out and found these witnesses, do we know any more details? >> no, and when you think about it, there was a $40,000 reward. this story has been played every single day in the chicago area for the last two weeks. it's been played across the country, first lady michelle obama was here over the weekend to attend hadiya's funeral. people knew about the reward, about what had happened, but nobody stepped up because of this anti-snitching problem that is felt not only in chicago but across the country. they had to go out and get tips and basically find witnesses on their own and then convince them this is the right thing to do. >> what is so disturbing about this whole anti-snitching thing, so-called, ted, is the idea that snitching used to be a term that was just put on other people who
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had committed a crime, ratting out someone else to get a lesser sentence. now the idea that anybody who talks to police gets labeled a snitch. that's a huge issue in so many different communities throughout the u.s. and certainly in this one. appreciate the update. we'll continue to follow it. >> now let's take a look at the manhunt that southern california authorities has citizens there on edge. the search for christopher dorner. that edge cuts any number of ways, the fear that the three killings he's already accused of may become many more. also the knowing apprehension that his central grievance and charges of racism in the lapd may spark the kind of wildfire law enforce has seen all too often. >> day five of the manhunt, and still snow sign of christopher dorner. >> kind of scary because you don't know where he is, and we have friends who live all over the mountain. you know, there's concern about them. >> on big bear mountain, about 100 miles east of los angeles, 30 officers are back at it. this time, expanding their hunt
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to more remote areas. while continuing their door to door searches of vacation homes. authorities are hoping a $1 million reward offered for information leading to dorner's capture and conviction will help. though since it was announced, it has only led to more false sightings. this lowe's store in northridge was evacuated sunday night after someone thought they spotted dorner. we're also learning more about dorner's truck, which was recovered from big bear mountain last week. investigators say the axel on the truck was broken, which may be one reason why dorner lit it on fire. he may have had to quickly come up with a plan b. investigators also now say that two ar-15 rifles were found inside that burned out truck and some camping equipment nearby. >> every day that dorner is loose, the likelihood of an attack on either a uniformed police officer or a family of a police officer is likely. >> dorner's revenge killings are
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in response to his termination. his threats also appear rooted in racism. the lapd now plans to look into dorner's firing and his allegations. in his rambling online manifesto, dorner mentions the brutem police beating of rodney king back in 1991. a grup of officers was caught on video kicking and beating king. their acquittals in the case led to a week of deadly race riots in l.a. dorner writes that one of the officers kicking the king is now a captain with the lapd. dorner asks, do you trust him to enforce department policy and investigate use of force investigations on arrestees by his officers? >> dorner's allegations are about a police department that doesn't treat african-americans fairly. and i don't think that's true. and i want to make sure that we don't lose that precious ground that we have gained because of these allegations.
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and that's the totality of the reason that i will look at this investigation again. >> in his manifesto, dorner also writes about hearing white officers use the "n" word to describe black officers. when he told them to stop, he says, they refused. and he makes this threat. those caucasians officers who join south bureau divisions with the sole intent to victim minorities who are uneducated and unaware of krijinal law, civil law, and civil rights, you are a high value target, adding, i am here to change and make policy, i am here to help and correct and calibrate your moral compasses to true north. this man is a law professor. he has written a report on abuses at the los angeles police department. >> there's been trumemendous improvements in recent years.
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it would be naive to say racism is a thing of the past in any police department or any institution. >> charges of racism within the lapd certainly aren't new. back in 1991, four months after the beating of rodney king, an independent commission found that minority officers are often targets of racial slurs, and the lapd tolerates racism among officers. the commission even called for the replacement of then-chief darryl gates. former lapd chief bill bratton told the times, it would be a shame if he were able to rally to cause people who remember the bad old days of the lapd. >> randi kaye joins me now. randi, live at the police headquarters for the lapd. how much of a threat do authorities still think he is? we heard from the chief saying that every day he's not there, the threat increases. is that generally the feeling? >> i think so, anderson. certainly a great threat is what they believe.
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so much so that the daily schedule for the chief of police here at the lapd, charlie beck, that daily schedule is no longer being made public. it used to be given out to the media. we were able to know his whe whereabouts. this is also very telling. there are reports tonight that the lapd police captain, who oversaw the hearing that ended in dorner's termination back in 2008, hasn't left his house, anderson, since this manhunt began. he has a wife and six children. hasn't left his home. now, that's important to note because one of dorner's alleged victims was the daughter of the police officer who represented dorner at that same hearing. so if, if he is going after people and is going after people related to that hearing, then it's pretty smart for that police captain to stay inside. i also should point out, there are 50 families under protection right now, anderson, related to this case around the l.a. area. >> appreciate the update. joining me is john miller who wurned in counterterrorism for the lapd. he's a correspondent for cbs
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this morning. what do you make of the fact nobody has heard from this guy in days now? >> well, it could mean either one of two things. he may have gone up into that snowy mountain, and that's where san burnernardino is in charch the search. did he go up there and freeze and die. did he find his way to shelter and hide out? we won't know that until that search is completed, and they seem to be going forward with it. the flipside, did he find a way out? either a compatriot or a vehicle. and he has gotten down the hill and probably did so immediately if that's is the case, and is back out stalking, as the chief indicated he's worried. >> it's not clear how much he was able to preposition things at all. we know he was able to plan enough that he sent out this manifesto and sent out things to news groups and also was able to stalk the relative or allegedly
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stalk the relative of the police officers he was involved with and kill her, according to authorities. but we don't know whether he was able to preposition any vehicle or anything like that. >> no, i mean, as you pointed out, we saw a lot of pre-operational planning. we don't have much of a window into his long-range planning except some indicators of what was found in the truck, night vision goggles, cold weather gear, a caught, heaters. there is some indication when he was going up to big bear before the xal broke, that he had some kind of plan. he's military trained, he's a military officer, and he's lapd trained. i know from that training, you go into these things saying i have a plan, i have a plan b, and i also have contingency plans for both assuming both will go wrong. that's what we don't have a window into, what was his contingency plan. >> are you surprised that the chief has now talked about reopening the original investigation into the original incidents that he's written about and that he ultimately got
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him kicked off the force? >> i'm not on a number of levels. number one, let's take what charlie beck, the chief said, at face value, which is the department is very much about transparen transparency, which has been a sea change for the lapd. when you read the manifesto by chris dorner, he said when i get justi justice, the killing will stop. what this is is the police department is saying, all right, if this is about honor, if this is about your word as a man, then let us test that. let's say we'll reopen this investigation and look at your allegations. does the killing stop? and are you going to come in and talk about this if in fact this is your main issue? >> it does seem like in the original incident, which is what sparks finally him getting kicked off, he claims a person -- an alleged suspect was kicked by his partner or the person he was with that day. >> yes. heclaim is the suspect who was already handcuffed, that he
5:14 pm
handcuffed, was kicked twice by his training officer, three times, twice in the chest and once in the face, leaving a visible injury. >> and what was determined was this person was schizophrenic, not a reliable wince. the father who heard from his son was deemed as heresy because he wasn't actually there, he didn't see it. what new can be learned? >> i think we have learned from cold cases involving everything from murder to an abuse case or a use of force case, that when you reopen them and take a second look, you never know what you're going to find. in this case, they interviewed the hotel clerk who looked out on it, the other hotel employee who was outside and watched it while having a smoke. they interviewed the harbor port police sergeant who arrived on backup, and they weren't able to find anybody among those who witnessed the accident who were
5:15 pm
able to witness what he claimed. he would argue, how can you accuse me of false statements. >> could be a he said/she said. are you surprised he's getting sympathy? dorner, despite the allegations against him, there is -- i mean, i hear it on twitter. i hear from people a lot, and there's folks in california calling into radio stations saying i get the anger behind what he's doing. not nis saeecessarily the metho using. >> i think today especially when you're talking about twitter, talk radio, and the net inter, anybody will pick from any argument, the sliver they're interested, and promote their opinion. when you look at that against the backdrop of three murders and whether that makes it justified, you're in a whole other conversation. >> john, appreciate it. thank you very much. let us know what you think. >> plenty to tweet about,
5:16 pm
including pope benedict's stunning decision to step down. two longtime vatican watchers join us with details. and later, as terrifying a view as you ever want to see. take a look at this video. we'll take you where a string of tornado hit, show you the damage they did. and again, we're expkting the chicago police to make a statement short ly in the case f two suspects in custody. we'll be right back. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive? a talking car. but i'll tell you what impresses me. a talking train. this ge locomotive can tell you exactly where it is, what it's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪
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5:20 pm
without also leaving this world. that is until today. according to the "new york times," this morning at the vatican, speaking in latin to a small gathering of cardinals, pope benedict xvi said he's too old and frail to continue leading the church. the spokesmann saying the pontif will step down effective the end of this month. that hasn't happened since henry viii was around. calling it a surprise doesn't cut it. >> i was very startled, and i don't know what to say. i myself am waiting for information, for instructions, as to what we would do now as to follow the cardinal. as soon as i let out, i'll let you know. >> that's timothy dolan of new york, one of many potential successors. we have word tonight from news week, and also john allen, senior vatican respondent.
5:21 pm
this is an unprecedented move in modern history. did anyone see this coming? >> no, i don't think anyone saw this coming. this really is a shocking monday morning news here in rome. the pope had an opportunity yesterday when he addressed his public in st. peter's square, but he chose monday morning to make this announcement. it's an exciting moment in rome when you have a transition to a pope without the sorrow of the funeral and death. the mood is quite spectacular here today. >> john, what do you think is the real reason he's stepping down? >> well, anderson, i think it's probably one of those cases where what you see is basically what you get. benedict has said he's not suffering from any specific illness or health crisis, but he simply feels given his mounting age, we're talking about a man who will be 86 in april, that he simply no longer has the force to meet the challenge of facing the church. at least in this regard, i think probably we ought to take him at
5:22 pm
his regard. >> john, you have covered the vatican for a long time. in terms of who may replace him, there is no way to know for sure, but what are your thoughts? >> nigh thoughts are the trash heaps of history are littered with the carcasses of so-called experts who are trying to predict the next pope. that's a hazardous position. but i can tell you the names that come up in dinner conversation. cardinal milan, canadian cardinal who runs the vatican's congregation for bishops. the cardinal from argentina who is with the chief of staff under john paul ii, a very good manager. this is all sound and fury signifying nothing until those 117 cardinals who are under 80 and have the right to vote for the next pope get here to rome, roll up their sleeves, and get
5:23 pm
to work. >> is that done the ways we have seen in the past after a pope has died, the white smoke, black smoke, all of that? >> it will be very shortly from now that they'll get the process ready. they will have to put jamming devices that will prohibit anyone from eavesdropping electronically what is going on in the sistine chapel. also, they'll install a stove and prepare the chemical cartridges that will turn the black smoke into white smoke when they elect the pope. >> is he referred to as the former pope? where will he lev, what will he do? >> he's guard another month on the job, so we're presuming he's going to carry out his regular calendar. this week, of course, features ash wednesday, the beginning of lent for catholics. we presume he'll do hes regular sunday address. once february 28th, 8:00 rome
5:24 pm
time rolls around, he is going to relocate to the summer papal residence briefly, and he's eventually going to move into a mo mont stairy on vatican grounds. once there is a new pope, he's going to want to make it clear for the world there's a new man in charge and he's going to try as best he can to step off the stage. >> john, what do you think his legacy is going to be? >> well, look, i think he's probably going to be remembered over the course of time as a magnificent teaching pope. his ambition was to sort of lead a global graduate seminar about the relationship between faith and reason and the role of relidgeareli religion in a post modern sickitarian world. as a ceo, as a business manager,
5:25 pm
the verdict is much more mixed. many critics would say he never got his hands successfully around the sexual abuse scandal. there was a vatican scandal that included the arrest of his own butler. there was a kind of chronic inabout to get the trains to run on time. >> barbara, what do you think? >> obviously, john is much better to speak about the ideology than i am, but i think he also will be remembered by the scandals. even going to the american nuns and clamping down on them. there are a lot of people who may not be unhappy to see a change in the vatican. the vatican butler scandal, the sex skancandal, protesters in s peter's square. it seems like that has really marked the last several years, i think, are going to be remembered by a lot of people when they come to st. peter's square to see the smoke and see
5:26 pm
who has replaced him. >> appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> there's a lot more happening tonight. while the northeast is digging out from the blizzard, here's what the southeast was dealing with this weekend. take a look at these images. more than a dozen tornadoes tore across mississippi and alabama. seven counties took the brunt of it. we'll show you how bad it is just ahead. later, inside the raid that killed osama bin laden. the navy s.e.a.l. who claims he made the fatal shop is speaking utfor the first time. he said he's been hung out to dry by the military. phil braunstein, who landed the interview, joins me ahead. we're awaiting new details in two suspects in the shooting death of a chicago teen just days after she performs at president obama's inauguration. chicago police department will hold a press conference about charges any moment now. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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welcome back. the southeast is reeling fraught brutal storms. take a look at this picture. imagine seeing that on the road as you're driving down. it was one of at least 15
5:31 pm
tornadoes that swept through mississippi and alabama yesterday. this one was an ef-4 tornado. winds up to 170 miles per hour. this is what it left in its wake. close to 200 mobile homes were damaged or completely detroyed. more than a dozen people were injured. >> these are just trees. be careful. >> okay, here you go. >> joan stevens and her husband ray survived the tornado that blackened the skies over hattiesburg, caught on amateur video. the funnel was one of several tornadoes to batter this part of mississippi. the stevens' house is in pieces, but they made it out without a scratch. the two of you were just -- >> right here. and aggie was right here, our dog. >> i just got her under me and i was laying on her. >> we were just literally all right here on the floor and just covered up on each other. >> it would have been so much
5:32 pm
worse for so many. 200 houses and 100 apartments were damaged or destroyed. but in the immediate aftermath, there were no deaths. only two were seriously injured. the stevens credit the warning sirens. >> we had been watching tev since we got home from church. we were ready as ready could be. >> the stevens say they had a matter of minutes from when they first heard the alurm to when the storm hit. afterward, when they came out and saw all this damage, they realized this warning was just enough for everyone to take cover, but when they started checking on their neighbors, no one on this street, despite all the damage, was hurt. city officials also say the timing of the storm was fortunate. on a sunday afternoon, the local high school was almost empty when it hit. and the university of southern mississippi, one historic building badly damaged, had fewer than usual students on campus because o a mardi gras
5:33 pm
holiday. still, all across the tornado's path, there were countless close calls. hattiesburg's mayor was one of them. >> this was all going on in a matter of seconds. >> seconds. >> you were running for your life. >> literally for my life. >> the mayor managed to get inside his house just in time. the 100-year-old home and the neighborhood took a beating. >> looking at all of the damage, is there one thing that really, really hurts today? >> here? >> here, in your house? >> no, because we can replace all this. i mean, nothing hurts. not here. i relish the fact that no one in hattiesburg was killed. no fatalities. the rest of this can be replaced. >> amazing. there's a lot more happening tonight. isha is here. >> anderson, a new blizzard is hitting the u.s. up to 15 inches of snow fell across parts of seven upper midwest states. minnesota and the dakotas are taking the biggest punch. meanwhile, residents in the northeast continue to dig out
5:34 pm
from this weekend's massive blizzard. up to 40 inches of snow fell in h hamden, connecticut. about 20 survivors of gun violence including gabby giffords and her husband, are expected to be in the audience for tomorrow night's state of the union address by president obama. each survivor will be a guest of a member of congress. giffords survived a shooting in tucson two years ago. >> president obama's expected to talk about his push for gun legislation as well as jobs, the economy, and more tomorrow night. >> this man will also be at the state of the address. romesha was awarded the medal of honor for courageous actions during a nearly 13-hour firefight in afghanistan that left eight americans dead. romesha's son colin stole the show. at the ceremony, playing pe peekaboo at the presidential
5:35 pm
podium. he also raced around the oval office earlier in the day, finding an apple that was just right. >> up next, incredible story of the killing of osama bin laden from the navy s.e.a.l. who reportedly pulled the trigger. he's speaking out for the first time. which is also as incredible as the story he told about what happened in the compound is what he tells about what is happening to his family. i'm talk to him next. >> also ahead, a touching tribute to another american hero, chris kyle. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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for the first time, the navy s.e.a.l. who says he killed
5:39 pm
osama bin laden is going public in an exclusive interview with exchoir magazine. it's the march head line with te title, the man who killed osama bin laden is screwed. he's leaving the navy without any future security. no job prospects or insurance for his family. esquire contributor phil braunstein spent more than a year getting to know him. his name remains a secret for his own safety and his families. he was obviously a member of the s.e.a.l. team 6. he refire ere tires to no pensi no benefits, and no security. phil bronson joins me tonight with more. >> your article is fascinating not only for the details it has about the raid that killed bin laden, but also what this navy s.e.a.l. is facing once he leaves. i didn't realize he wasn't eligible for v.a. benefits for the rest of his life. >> well, he's eligible for one
5:40 pm
thing. that is the v.a. has five years of free medical care for the vet. not for the family. it's care, not insurance. the fact is a huge number of people including the shooter don't know it exists because the dod does a very poor job of letting them know. >> but this navy s.e.a.l. who has had this incredible career leaves with no pension, no health insurance. >> no health insurance, certainly, for himself and his family. and no protection, which is really one of the big issues because it's entirely possible his name could come out. the man who wrote a book, within days his picture was on a jihadi website. all they told the shooter is we have a witness protection program we could institute. it's not there yet, but if you want to drive a beer truck in milwaukee, we can arrange that. you have to cut all your ties with the rest of your family and basically disappear yourself. >> in terms of what he told you about the raid, what surprised you the most? >> i think that he -- i think
5:41 pm
that the fact that it happened so fast but he had certain images in his mind. you know, particularly the shooting of bin laden. there was one moment when he said, you know, i had to raise my gun because i really didn't -- he was really tall. >> surprised at how tall he was. >> surprised at how tall it was. that was sort of my most enlightening moment for me in the sense that it was really a human moment. he also recognized in that instant, i would try to talk to this guy and realize that, okay, this guy was one foot away from this icon. this cultural icon that we have learned, whose face we have known since 9/11. and suddenly, here is this really regular guy. he's a s.e.a.l., and they're extraordinary, but he's a hemin being. what struck me about his narrative of the mission is not so much all of the detail, some of which -- much of which we have heard before, but his human reaction. >> and his reaction upon shooting bin laden and sort of
5:42 pm
registering what he had done, sort of the phrase he said to himself. >> well, he said, you know, i just shot osama bin laden. i don't know whether i have just done the best thing in my life, meaning he paid tribute to the people of new york and the people of the united states, done his job, or the worst thing in my life, which is to put a target on his back. >> and he is concerned about that. he has now taught his family how to protect themselves in the event somebody comes for him. >> he and his wife describe this in an astonishing way because he's taught her, put the kids in the tub, because there's a retaining wall there. then sit next door in the bedroom, sit on the bed, brace your arm with a gun against the wall so it doesn't kick, and then shoot through the door. they can't -- they didn't have their military ids anymore. if she feels there's a problem or they feel there's a problem, they can't take their family to the command and get in the gate. >> the guy you're talking about, who you profile, it must have been difficult for him to even
5:43 pm
talk to you. >> i would say at first it was impossible. as impossible as you have discovered in many cases. what happened is we got to know each other over time. this is a year and a quarter. in person meetings, phone calls, a lot of communication. i know his wife. his family, members of his family, hifriends. and so trust bills soly. and the point of this, he had the no/no go button in his hand until the very end. he could have said, i don't want to do this. i think he came to believe if he could tell the story, that people would understand that these guys aren't supernatural. they're fabulous, but they're human, and if they're human, like any human being, they need some support, and they need some help at various times in their lives. >> when he actually shot bin laden, they were within ten inches, he says, of each other. >> the shooter rolled into the room, and as he entered the doorway, he describes, there's
5:44 pm
bin laden pushing with -- standing with his hands on his youngest wife's shoulders, pushing her forward, or she's sle leading him forward. it's pitch black for anybody in the house, but these guys have goggles. theirver sort of moving this way, not toward the door and him but across a little bit, and he's literally, he says, about ten inches. his gun is ten inches from bin laden's head. he makes his observation in that incident and then shoots one shot in the forehead, directly in the forehead, second shot is bin laden going down. as he's crumpled at the bottom of the bed, third shot in the forehead. >> there's also an interesting part in the article after the raid was done and they're back in jalaljalabad, and the whum ws been spear heading this and made this her work's mission, the shooter gave her magazine to her. >> the shooter had contact with her, as have other members of
5:45 pm
the assault team. they pull the body, take it out, so admiral mccraven can see it, and then he sees her and asks her to come over and said, is this your guy? then he takes out -- that was proposed to him by the pointmen to give her something. he took his magazine out which had 27 bullets minus the three he shot bin laden with this, and said i hope you have room for this in your back pack. that's the leaast time he saw h. >> a fascinating article. >> thanks for having me on. >> we asked the nasky for a response to the artical. they said in a quote, we take seriously the safety and security of our people, as well as the responsibility to assist sailors making the transition to civilian life. without more information about the particular case, it would be difficult to determine the degree to which the transition program succeeded. >> krichris kyle was remembered to. he was shot to death on february 2nd. another veteran is charged in
5:46 pm
the double murder. kyle is considered one of the deadliest snipers in u.s. military history. in his book, he said he killed at least 160 enemy combatants. he became an advocate for veterans struggling with ptsd. today his wife remembered him as a warrior through and through. she also said this. >> there isn't enough time to tell you everything you mean to me and everything you taught me. i know you had no idea you were teaching me, but there is something only god and i have known for a long time. god worked through you to make me into the woman i am supposed to be. >> chris kyle was just 38 years old. he leaves also behind two children. his funeral will be tomorrow. >> just ahead, we're going to update you on the breaking news out of chicago. the arrest in the killing of a
5:47 pm
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the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. welcome back. back to our breaking news. chicago police charging two men in the murder of the teenage girl who performed at president obama's inaugerate. authorities in chicago have been holding a news conference. ted has been listening in. joins us now with late detailed. ted? >> we're getting more details on the two men who have been arrested. both facing murder charges and attempted murder charges. 1 is 18-year-old michael waurld.
5:51 pm
the other, 20-year-old kenneth williams. both are gang members in a gang here in chicago. and michael ward, the 18-year-old, according to superintendent gary mcgathery, has confessed that he was attempted to shoot at a rival gang. he thought hadiya pendleton was with a member or members of a rival gang in that park when he opened fire. he was of course mistaken. it was hadiya who had just finished final examines and she was with a number of friends from school. he said he got out of a car, walked up, and shot into the crowd of people, and then apparently got away with the help of williams. they were trying to retaliate against a gang who had shot williams the prior year, and in that case, according to the superintendent mccarthy, they actually made an arrest and caught williams' assailant, but he refused to press charges. back to the anti-snitching theme
5:52 pm
we talked about at the top of the hour. it was pervasive in this case, and one other point they pointed out is that ward, the 18-year-old, was actually arrested for a gun violation, possession of an illegal firearm, in january of 2011. and if the stronger gun laws were on the books, the ones they're pushing for at the state level here in illinois, he would have been in jail, and hadiya pendleton would be alive. >> ted, i appreciate the update. joining us now from phone is the first cousin of the victim. i'm so sorry for your loss and your family's loss. i'm wondering the family's reaction tonight. >> well, first of all, let me say thank you for having me on your show. and on behalf of my family, we are elated to know that there is one person or two now off the streets that could very well cause harm to my neighbor, another rel tative, or anyone i the world. we're excited to know that the
5:53 pm
police, chicago police department, worked diligently, the superintendent, however, there is no level of comfort. not long term comfort. you know, we are still miserable. miserable would only be the term to really acknowledge the feelings of the parents and the family. i'm sorry. >> what do you want people to know about hadiya? >> what i want people to know about hadiya is she was a 15-year-old girl that really is the face of every parents' dream child. and i am so serious when i say that. hadiya has so many different things awaiting her in life. she was a wonderful, wonderful kid. and it's hard to believe that thugs, you know, that have already obviously have histories of doing this, carrying guns,
5:54 pm
would even have the capabilities to even breathe in the same room that she walked and lived in. that is the truth because this girl was really a hero. my little cousin really was an angel. and you know, i'm just really excited that they have possibly found the correct two guys. such a crazy, senseless act of violence. to hear they thought this was a rival gang, i mean how retarded is that? it was a group of girls, a volleyball team and one boy. you know, i am a firm believer that excuses only work for the person telling them, so i'm assuming that that was justifiable for them. >> the names of the two who have been charged, michael ward and kenneth williams, are they familiar to you at all? >> no, they're not. never heard of them, never. no, but i do believe, i am a believer that somewhere along the lines, they were turned in. as i stated previously in most
5:55 pm
media outlets, that i believe that this reward of $40,000 really was a bounty. it was just a matter of time that someone was going to compromise their guilt and turn them in. however, i do believe also that these people are obviously so dangerous, they were just snitched on to where their location was, and no one would be, i don't believe, accepting the award, to my knowledge. i don't think this just happened haphazardly. i do believe that someone may had picked up the phone and said, guess what, i think these guys are in this vehicle and about to turn down this street? i'm very thankful if that's what happened. >> again, my condonances to your family and appreciate your talking to us. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. >> we'll be right back. u need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car
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welcome back. time now for the ridiculist. no matter how you spend your weekend, unless you were in des moines, iowa, for the sixth annual bacon festival, i think you missed out. the 8,000 tickets sold out in just three minutes. the event has doubled in size every year. features everything you might expect from a bacon festival and some things you might not, such as the pardoning of a pig by the governor. >> congratulations. bonnie. >>

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